Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Niramish mangsho a.k.a Vegetarian Mutton curry

Trust the Bengalis to come up with a recipe as ironical in its name as Niramish mangsho or Vegetarian Mutton Curry.

It is a mutton curry cooked without garlic and onions and was the preferred recipe to cook meat offered to the gods, usually Kali. The sacrificial goat offered to the goddess is cooked in this way and distributed as a religious food offering or prasad ( though meat in particular is called mahaprasad ).

Thankfully though, the recipe is not religiously restricted to only sacrificial meat and many households continue to prepare this recipe as an alternative to the traditional rich gravied mutton curry. It is a subtle yet delicious way of cooking mutton ( I can only vouch for goat meat though) and definitely worth a try.

Whoever came up with the name surely had a twin in the person who came up with the other super ironical recipe - gach pantha or faux meat ( literally 'tree goat'). The concept of this recipe is kind of the exact opposite. It is unripe jackfruit cooked in a rich onion-garlic gravy. Legend has it that if cooked really well, it mirrors the taste of tender mutton. Well, I have not been fortunate to taste the legendary version but nonetheless it is a wonderful preparation in itself.

In this day and age, while we continue to grow more and more adept at cooking Raviolis, Quiches, or  Thai curries, somewhere these recipes are being lost. They do survive in a few niche restaurants piggybacking on nostalgia, or with a few connoisseurs. However the common Millenial cook of today has perhaps never known the subtle art of cooking these dishes.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


For a long time my parents have been asking me for a painting for their home.
So today morning I woke up early in order to paint. I had already thought of the subject before and as I started to paint, it started to if to complement the subject.

So here it is..the Kingfisher, or as my parents would refer to it - Māchrangā .

30" x 22"  Watercolours on 120 gsm handmade paper.

Afterthoughts: I need to get some larger brushes and definitely thicker paper for these large paintings, otherwise wet on wet leads to unpredictable contrast during the painting process. This had to be touched up with dry brush on drying.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Big Bang Blues - Rebirth Tour

Big Bang Blues, my friends' band,  had for some time been going through a constant change of line-ups due to various circumstances concerning the original musicians. After years, they finally found a stable line-up once again. This was of course to be celebrated.

And what greater way to celebrate than a massive 6 city tour !

So to mark this occasion, I came up with the poster and event banner below and also took the liberty of naming the tour. The poster is also a departure from the earlier vector-art style posters which I used to make for the band in its earlier version. A new style for a reborn band..