Sunday, 25 February 2007

Bad luck and a bloodthirsty blonde

Checked 34 forwarded mails from wellwishing friends who know that I hate forwards.

I guess I have accumulated so much bad luck that for the next seven lifetimes [if there is one], I will be killed by a grand piano falling from the sky. I am sure by forwarding the mail, I could have averted such misfortunes...

Little do they know however, I have far worse things to worry about than bad luck. Take for instance the dead blonde girl without eyes or ears who knows where I stay and has promised to kill me because I did not forward the mail.

Well....that is that...if I venture out..I fall prey to bad luck...if I stay in....the bloodthirsty dead blonde is going to get me.

I guess they are fighting amongst each other[bad luck, blonde zombie] about who gets to kill me. Till they decide...


Sometimes to have a clear view...we need to look from far away.

Amber light bathes the room, the night silence broken by keyboard taps.
Its been four years now, that I have been staying away and yet I have never been so close before.

Came to this city to study...and the city has never been miserly in teaching me.