Thursday, 1 March 2007

Over a cup of Coffee

Over the past few months, ever since I moved to the new place where I stay now (those who know, know...those who dont...too bad), I have been a regular visitor to the local Cafe Coffee Day every evening on my way back from office.
This cafe happens to be the site of my daily physical exercise in the form of an extremely challenging predatory game called "Get the Table". The rules of this game are pretty get one of the three prized tables of the outside seating where you can smoke while savouring your cup of coffee. However the game involves extremely complex techniques of looking disinterested, pretending you have better things to do than wait for a coffee table, keeping a keen eye on fellow predators and finally the walk in and seat yourself in one of the tables as if you were just passing by and saw an empty table. For those who think this is an easy game...try it once. It is not for the faint hearted. I have developed so much patience that I feel I can safely graduate to Zen Buddism now.

It is this patience that sees me through the ordeal of meeting some of the people I encounter there. Well, when you are sitting for hours having coffee, you meet all kinds of people.

Among the various kinds of people whom I have had the fortune/misfortune of meeting, there are two types who are of particular interest. These two types never fail to infuriate me. Everytime I meet them, it is like a test for my beliefs in non-violence.

The first among the types is the ones I call the Evolutionarily-challenged.These are the people who just stopped evolving or rejected the concept of human evolution all together. Their lives are centred around one topic - the other sex. Whenever I meet these men, the conversation is always and always about girls....girls they met,are going around with, would like to meet...and so on. Well, it is natural to be interested in the other sex...but when that becomes an obsession...the only thing you talk about anytime and everytime...that I find a bit retarded. I am NOT INTERESTED. Spare me. You may be the modern incarnation of Don Juan, I dont care.

The second type is the Pseudo-Rocklover. These are the ones who can talk endlessly about how they love rock/metal. They are among the most vocal denouncers of all other genres of music. However, after you talk to them for a realise that their concept of rock music extends to a few popular songs and ends at that. They are not open to other songs other than the popular ones, let alone other genres. ( I once got reprimanding looks from one when I mentioned that I like Blues too).Their list of THE SONGS, invariably contains the following:

1. Summer of Sixty Nine [THE FAVOURITE of most Pseudos]
2. Sweet Child of Mine [or November Rain or any other GNR song]
3. Another Brick in the wall [Floyd it seems is quite a favourite among the Pseudos]

Just when I was being enlightened about true love for rock music from one of them,his mobile rings. And the ringtone...well it is Himesh Reshmiya...surprise..surprise!!

Well, anyways who am I to judge....after all I am uncool. I listen to the blues too.


  1. you were at cafe coffee day? it gets uncooler and uncooler....

  2. imaginatively writtten piece....a joy to read!!!!