Wednesday, 18 April 2007


gambit n. An opening in chess in which a minor piece, or pieces, usually a pawn, is offered in exchange for a favorable position.

The past few weeks have been an ordeal. Quite a few intersting events did occur during this period. However the majority of this period had been spent in trying to find answers.

This exhaustive soul searching resulted in me quitting my job last week.

I had been in the dilemma for quite some quit or not to quit [with due pardons to the bard].
On one hand, I was not getting the creative satisfaction I needed to go on...on the other hand being employed by the global leaders of the concerned sector made quitting an uneasy decision. Add to it the fact that this was my first job after college days...hard earned after nightmarish months of unemployment, broken knee caps and assorted personal mishaps...including being chased by the hostel care taker to vacate the premises. The care taker incident had become a regular affair those days...a fact I capitalised on by using his morning visits as a natural alarm clock. Anyways...those were bad days. So naturally the thought of quitting my job was not an easy decision to make.
However, I realised after endless bi-polar moments of hope and despair...that I needed to quit. I do what I do for one reason and one reason only...the satisfaction of creation. Anything that asked me to compromise with this would not make me happy in the long run.

We often confuse pleasure with happiness. The former comes from without...the latter comes from within.

It has been a difficult decision and only time will tell if it is the right one. Above all, it has been heavily influenced by my instinct rather than pure logic. But as one friend of mine once said -
"Sometimes to take a big leap forward, you have to take a few steps backwards.."

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