Sunday, 1 July 2007

Exile !!!!

The last two months, I had been on virtual exile,that is to say,I was not online. Well, I did hop in at times to check on my mail from various locations,but those exceptions can be exempted.
And now the exile has creeped into the physical domain.

After quitting my job in April, I had left for a two month retreat. Most of this time was spent traveling the Himalayas in Sikkim, North Bengal and Himachal. The details of my travels , I will be posting soon. Met a lot of friends during my trip...made a lot of friends during my trip.

And now, I am in Ahmedabad-the realm of my physical exile. New city, new way of life...I guess it will take some time before I get the hang of it[if i ever do]. Anyways, my old friend, Malav has been quite a savior in this city. Right from finding me a decent place to stay[a tough call especially if you have long hair and commit sacrilege on a daily basis, that is, have non-veg food] to administering intravenous doses of chicken soup [ I almost died of severe carnivorous deficiency- a deadly disease which affects people who live on non-vegetarian food, when they are plonked in the middle of a vegetarian city where even the pizzas you get are vegetarian].
More on that in the upcoming " Survival Guide for carnivores and omnivores in FodderLand".
Till then..

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