Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Activities and laziness in a dry state

Hmm..lets admit it...I have been darn lazy. I was supposed to put up my travelogues...which have not and probably would not. Also over the period of past few months, there have been quite a lot of incidents worth mentioning. Yet, when it came to typing them...I have been lazy.
Well, not anymore, ..

Anyways, ever since I have come to Ahmedabad, I have taken up cycling again. Bought a cycle to go to work. And thanks to the support of a few friends, we have even managed to form a cycling club. Every Sunday morning, we go out for a 40-50km cycling trip. It is good fun and my share for the battle against the bulge [which i am hopelessly losing so far].

So I guess I have not been entirely lazy, just typing challenged.

Speaking of battles, we now have an ongoing battle with some pigeons who refuse to vacate the apartment. I dont mind pigeons, but hey, you can't strew your feathers and shit around the house unless you help to clean up. So every day it is a hide and seek going on...they watch out for open windows to sneak in...and as for us[me and my flatmate]...we have developed superior avian evasion skills. Our name can now be aptly quoted in the 'Great Book of Living Scarecrows".

When I am not chasing pigeons or cycling or performing other holistic personal development activities, I have been trying to play the guitar...lets see...

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