Sunday, 18 November 2007

Nomadic Blues

Sometimes, I can't stop myself from envying those who have spent their entire lives in a single city. These residents, who except for perhaps the occasional leisure or business trip, have never lived anywhere else.

However, the residents would surely argue to the contrary. Nomadism has been romanticised for the residents. They look from far at the nomads and marvel. Their dreamy eyes conjure up images of the nomadic fantasy. Their attentive minds search and hold on to the stories of the occasional nomadic visitor. But all these stories, all the of only one side of the nomadic life.

The stories never talk about the price.

Being a nomad takes its toll. When you are constantly moving from one city to the other, you stop belonging to any city. Every city is a stop-over with no guarantee of you ever returning to it. In every city you try to nurture your life, try to stop. Build up friends, memorise the maps..then suddenly one day you sever all bonds to the city and go away.

New city, new friends, new hangouts...same old routine.

At times you come back to some city you have been to long ago, or perhaps where you were born. And you find, you cannot relate to it anymore. The city is an organism, and it has changed while you were away. So have your circle of known people. The images of the past just add on to your nostalgia and you realise you don't fit anymore.

And you move on. Again.

And then someday, passing through yet another city, you meet a fellow nomad. Over a cup of conversation, you wonder when your travels will end and will they ever.

And you realise, just as every resident wants to be a nomad, every nomad wants to be a resident. All your travels , have been in search of that one idea which you can call your own. The nomad needs an anchor to return to. The anchor maybe a place, maybe a person, maybe anything...but until that anchor is found, the nomad will carry on.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more... I've had dozens of homes, but yet none; hundreds of friends, but not one. :-)
    Perhaps one day. But not today.

    Have a great week.

  2. you need anti-depressants, besides getting out of that shithole..

  3. the home is where the heart is.. so they say.. wish i knew where mine was...