Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Friday Fiasco and how I almost Outmurphyed Murphy's law

Well, the past week hadn't been one of the best.

Murphy's Law kept hounding me in every teeny weeny aspect of life. I would make some plan, you know, those " i am so small, i am negligible" kind of small plans. And think, " Mr. Murphy is going to let this one pass, its beneath his dignity kind of thing". But no, he had to screw up all my plans...including the ones involving otherwise hassle free day to day activities.

Amongst, the bigger plans, Murphy reigned supreme.

The wait has achieved eternal status, couple of days more and it earns its place as the eighth Endless [due pardons to Gaiman].

The frog cancelled the journey [sigh...I mean SIIIIIIIIGHHH].

And to top it all, the Friday Fiasco. Ever since I have come here, I have been under nourished in terms of good live music. So when I heard that one of my most liked bands TAAQ is coming to town, I was delighted [delighted?...understatement]. For a week, I blabbered about their greatness to all and sundry, even bought meself tickets. On the fateful day, I refused a generous all expenses paid movie offer with my other colleagues and boss. Me and a couple of faithful music loving colleagues then embarked on the journey. After reaching the venue, we waited and waited [ Mr. Gaiman, note how wait creeps into every aspect of life, it is the eighth Endless]. After a mere four hour wait in the 7 degree night, during which hunger gave up trying to convince us to eat and cigarettes proved to more volatile than zippo fluid, we were told the show has been cancelled. TAAQ were unhappy with the sound. They cancelled the show.

Without being judgemental, without advocating whether the band should have played with the bad sound or the college should have arranged better sound, all I can say is, it was a HUGE letdown.

So, Murphy had his laugh all through the week.

Yesterday, I almost out murpheyed him. I had gone to the mart with a friend. After picking up our stuff, we went and stood in what till-the-moment-before-we-stood appeared to be the shortest [and hence logically, the quickest] queue to the billing counter. But Murphy's Law [sneaky little bastard, it is] caught up. The wait came soon after.

Noticing, that the i-am-the-longest-queue-of-the-supermarket queue beside us had now reduced itself to being a single person queue, I , in one swift movement, befitting Olympic sprinters, placed myself in that queue.

Now, at this point, the woman in front of me, had already had her stuff billed. All that remained in my way of getting my stuff billed and leave the counter after paying [thus pulling a fast one on Murphy], was for the woman to pay up. And she already had her hands inside her neat brown leather bag, the lovely notes would be coming out any minute, victory was within grasp...

Murphy thought otherwise.

She fished out a booklet of coupons![..the horror, the horror!]

Firstly, she had trouble to determine exactly how many coupons to pay for the bill; whether she should use the large denomination coupons or the small ones; if she uses the large denomination coupons, how does she pay for the small change. After 15 minutes of such life-threatening dilemma, she finally agreed [with due assistance from the counter girl] on the exact mode of payment.

Then she discovered, that her coupon booklet has no tear-off perforations. Some cynical bastard somewhere probably made the coupons thinking "I'll give them the coupons, but won't allow them to tear it off" and got his sadistic kicks out of life.

What ensued, was pure chaos. She battled with the staples, twisting, turning, applying long-forgotten martial techniques in her effort to tear off some coupons. The counter girl left, took a brief tour of the entire mall and came back with a stapler. Unity is power. Together, they embarked on their military campaign against the coupon booklet. The booklet meanwhile refused to relent. I am, all the while, standing and looking at my friend on the other side, who had been waiting after paying for his stuff, for ages now.

The melee lasted for a good 20 minutes. At the end of which, the exact mode of the payment was again renegotiated based on how many coupons had been successfully torn out.

Finally, 45 minutes after I had stood in the queue, and when the lady was just about to pay, I found myself on the other side with my friend.

Murphy prevails.

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  1. u r the watcher... looking at life from the outside, with a sense of humour in place, never getting so involved as to get caught up in it, nor so far away that u miss the irony of it all...
    keep writing, i wish i did myself too...