Thursday, 28 February 2008

Steppenwolf day

I have been listening to Steppenwolf all day, quite a change from the Children of Bodom, Rotting Christ, Anathema, Paradise Lost, Bathory, Deicide, Morbid Angel, etc. I have been listening to for the past 4 days. Some songs struck a chord, here is one...

A Fool's Fantasy

Slip away with me
Let our hearts be free
Live a life of love
There's no need to care
Sharin' it together
Whatcha got to lose?
In love and life, it's all you get,
It's easy to choose.

There's a way for love
We can make it work
There's a way for love
A fool's fantasy
Is that so much to ask for?
Everything we're dreamed about
Could be ours forevermore.

Take a chance on freedom
Come take a chance on me.
We'll drown ourselves in pleasure
Just happy to be
Without inhibitions and nothing to fear
We'll while away the summer sun
Nibblin' on an ear.

...Oh, I have been also listening to Chitose Hajime , specially Haru no katami..

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