Friday, 18 April 2008

Confessions of a misfit

Day by day, I become more of a misfit.

I realized that I have become unfit for staying in a family-sort-of environment. I feel claustrophobic in it.
Bollywood blockbuster movies and its music, which seem to enthral most, fail to generate even a slight interest in me. Other than a few handful. While the nation laughs its guts out on the great Laughter Challenge, I find it boring and stale.
I am perhaps the only Indian male, living or dead or yet-to-be-born, who has zero interest in Cricket.
I am supposed to relate to my people, but I can't in most cases.

Almost cut my hair
It happened just the other day

It's gettin kinda long

I could have said it was in my way

But I didn't and I wonder why

I feel like letting my freak flag fly

Cause I feel like I owe it to someone

Must be because I had the flu' for Christmas

And I'm not feeling up to par

It increases my paranoia

Like looking in my (rear-view) mirror and seeing a police car

But I'm not giving in an inch to fear

Cause I promised myself this year

I feel like I owe it to someone

When I finally get myself together

I'm going to get down in that sunny southern weather

And I find a place inside a laugh

Separate the wheat from the chaff

I feel like I owe it to someone


  1. they can really write, these guys, ne? i thought this ws one of yours, it took me a few lines to recognise it... :)

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  3. I completely agree when it comes to bollywood movies and comedy serials.
    Cant remember the last gud hindi movie i saw...mmm...i guess it is Rang de Basanti...yes

  4. Umm, Laughter Challenge is indeed boring. And when teams you support continue their losing streak in cricket, you are bound to lose interest. Indeed Commercial Bollywood Blockbusters usually have little depth, but come on, that is the sole purpose of these movies!! Go in with a blank mind, dont ask questions and emerge with a blank mind. You find an occasional good movie such as Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, which move you. You, hence, are no misfit... in fact you are gradually sounding normal.