Thursday, 31 July 2008

To Spring, with Coffee

There is a coffee-stain on my heart;
dark as greed,
persistent as a rumour.

Spill over memories of laughter
poisoning me softly,
like a warm hug.

Bright spring sun
parching smiles from my lips.
Liquid peace,
liquid 'me's
ooze away in the gentle breeze.

There's a restlessness rising
deep within.
Got to outrun
the caffeine rainbow.

Written on March 19, 2008. This is the poem I mentioned in a previous post.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Coffee night echoes

A rain soaked evening with pages from history
chapters soaked in sunlight,
mildly smelling of coffee.
Cigarette smoke memories
curling, curling
defying aqueous gravity.

It's a crowd here;
gypsies and metalheads,
seers and the firstborn bloom,
artists and acrobats.
Jostling, jousting
ripping apart
the Shaper's fabric.
From his ebony bed, he smiles.
All ends are pregnant with beginnings.

The ascetic dancer looks on,
for him
it's deja vu.

Coffee night of echoes.
On nights like these,
madness shouts back,
stares you in the eye from Liquid crystal displays.

is it so easy to forget?
better light another cigarette.

Hope persists beyond reason.