Monday, 11 August 2008

Urban hauntings

The past few weeks, my city seems to haunt me in the strangest of ways. The fact that I have not gone "home" to the only city which I truly can claim as "home" for a year now is heartbreaking enough. Even though the city I once knew it as may have changed; even though going back to her is like meeting an old lover after a decade of separation and mutual changes, yet somewhere deep within her, there still exists glimpses of what she used to be. It is those glimpses that draw me to her. Like going through an old cabinet and suddenly chancing upon a tattered sepia toned photograph which transports you back to a forgotten age.

The last 5 books I read, the last 4 movies I saw, were somehow connected to my city. Uncanny, considering it included writers like Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and a Bollywood remake of the Korean movie "My Sassy Girl". It is as if life keeps on reminding me that I should take a trip to my city; have a rendezvous with an old love...

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  1. photographs don't capture the smell of old love, do they? yet memory is a strange thing... its conceivable, to me, to forget the little visual details of an old love... years after, of course... the exact curl of the lip, for example, or the precise placement of a particular mole... but i can't imagine ever forgetting the smell... methinks olfactory memories have a life of their own...

    tangential, but... :)

  2. So very true. So very much true. I can never get over that feeling for my city. I have thought real hard why but have never come up with a plausible answer.

  3. so true.....though when I start on this trail of thoughts makes me feel like I am two timing!. Its is as if there is more than one urban love to my past and it is almost as though I have been cheating on them!

    Nice analogy...good write!

  4. Well my hometown's case is slightly different. Being a town all it can show its dynamics is by recoloring of houses and new tar layers for roads...:) Even then...i get excited everytime i visit.

  5. The Hometown.... It is strange how the Home town isn't home anymore... It is but the place where I go once a year for 15 days...