Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Blog version 2.0

My attempts at jazzing up my blog continue..

After trying with numerous templates, none of which quite fit my needs, I decided to try again by changing the header image. Also, now the blog is wider by 270 pixels

Last time, I had this image

After sifting through my stock photos and som
e photo editing, made this new header

Comments invited..


  1. Hmmm...initial thoughts...

    the blog description has a problem with ambiguous legibility and I think the blog looks too playful now...

  2. initial thought: you're still on blogspot?

    but if you're sticking with it, the description's oddly aligned... not quite centre, not quite left.
    left of the centre, like a little pseudo-commie.

  3. yeah...need to figure out a way to fix it...

  4. thank you...thank you...had much fun creating the smoke in photoshop

    thanks for your help in the HTML edit part, now i have a center aligned blog description

  5. much, much better!
    so when does 2.2 happen? ;)

  6. The current one is just fine.. the smoking snake is just so apt.