Sunday, 2 November 2008

Certain death

Recently, once again, I expressed my desire to buy a motorcycle to my folks.

As always, it was met with a resounding disapproval.

They are convinced, that certain death awaits me as soon as I sit on a motorcycle. They believe that the moment I am astride a motorcycle, crazy drunk truckers, who have been so long hiding behind bushes with their trucks, generally relaxing and discussing Plato, would be overcome by an overwhelming desire to hunt me down with their trucks...and will do so. Or maybe, the skies will part and an errant meteorite, having lost its way to Saturn's ring, will suddenly decide that me on a motorbike is a jolly good place to land on. And Heaven forbid if the clouds see me on a motorbike, for they will surely, muster all their aqueous strength to rain down heavily enough so that I skid from my bike even without having to start it.

What leads to such zealous belief I fail to comprehend. But the commandment has been delivered:
" Thou shalt not covet the motorbike. Thou shalt buy the car instead."

It remains to see, whether I sin.

1 comment:

  1. Sin Sin Sin!

    And that sounds like my mother! :P