Thursday, 6 November 2008

OCD and the Celebrity life

One of my habits [read Obsessive Compulsive Disorder] is related to PC Recycle bins and Trash mail or Spam mail.

When I choose to delete something, either from my PC or my mail Inbox , I delete it. [Hear ye, all Software corporations]. Yes, I can be and am indecisive at times, for instance when I had to choose between buying Naked Lunch and On the Road, both of which I have wanted for sometime [ I ended up buying both]. But at other times, I am very firmly decisive. Specially when it comes to files, folders,mails or random junk which I want to delete from my PC.I am always sure about it. I do not delete important files by mistake. Even if I did, I already have it backed up somewhere. So spare me the Recycle bin and the Trash mail folder.

This means, every time I turn on the PC or check my mail, I have this compelling desire to empty my Recycle bin or Trash folder. The innocuous 'folder inside the bin' icon or those seemingly innocent numbers within the parentheses next to my Trash folder in my mail are lethal threats for me. I have to clear them everytime. There is no escape.

Though the threat of the Recycle bin has been satisfactorily eliminated by me, thanks to the Shift key, the Trash folder remains a continuing threat. And it has company...also known as the Spam folder. So everytime I log in to check mail, which is about 4-5 times a day, I dutifully empty the Trash and Spam folders. I even have nightmares of accumulated junk mail when I do not check my mailbox for somedays.

The reason, that I have brought all this up, in the first place, is that a charming fact of life has revealed itself to me, while I was being a slave to my OCD.

Over the past few months, while cleaning my Spam mail , I noticed an increasing number of mails written in Chinese sitting pretty among the usual spam crowd. Every now and then, between mails promising everlasting erections, a dating life busier than Heathrow, free degrees to make Nobel Laureate professors look like high school drop outs and unclaimed fortunes, there lies the Chinese mail. Over the past few months their numbers have increased. Earlier it used to 5 or 6 per day, now I get almost 30 mails in Chinese everyday !!

Why the Chinese people have chosen to write to me on a regular basis, I do not know. But, I am guessing that I must have become some sort of a celebrity in China. So here I am paying the price of being a celebrity by being flooded by Chinese fans. If only I could read them and reply...

But till then, I guess I can now ask for special celebrity concessions at Chinese restaurants..


  1. a dating life busier than Heathrow?!
    Hahhhah hilarious! You live in metaphors, dont you? Just like I live in cliches! ;)
    Let's try the concession thingie when I'm in Delhi, es?

  2. sure thing, and just to keep you updated, yesterday i got german mail too, the fame keeps spreading...

    ach tung!!

  3. Had these mails been true, I, too, would have been a millionaire million times over...

    I wonder what makes people think that you are the most trustworthy person around... and you would handle their money best and with sincere honesty!

    Comeon, go to China or Germany, and try out the limelight...

  4. I am not amused by your celebrity status in China, I am amazed at your zeal for destroying it....

    Your words are flowing like your hair....ha ha ha