Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas blues

Last few weeks have been hectic..friends from all over the country were here. Lots of pork, tingmo, shabalay, beer and whiskey. Frenzied clubbing, stag nights, long drives, hookah evenings and conversations till the wee hours of morning.
And now...just before all grows cold.
My Christmas jinx continues...since 2003..Christmas hasn't been particularly merry.
Last five were spent parting, being stranded for 30 hours in the airport, forgettable, homesick,lonely...
Yet another cold Christmas stares me in the face, but at least I'm going home for the New Year.


  1. christmas is what you make of it. decide you won't have a 'cold' christmas this year. just like that. it works, more often than not. promise. :)

  2. wish you a merry Christmas..

  3. Yes, well, we didn't ASK tribal (1/10) and spazza to migrate north- (and therefore "cold", literally) wards, did we? Sing yourself a soppy carol from me, yes? I'll see you in January, snake-thing.