Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas reds

After a long time, I had a nice Christmas yesterday.

Ben is in town. So he invited me to attend the morning service and I gladly agreed.

There are many things I missed about Christmas back home in all these years of being-away-on-Christmas-time. But, I guess what I missed most, what made it so bluesy for me, was the midnight mass at St.Paul's. Somehow, at this time of the year, I feel like going to a Church, to the decorated Christmas tree, to the nativity scenes..

Maybe it is a result of childhood conditioning by cane-wielding Jesuit brothers. Maybe it is part of my city which lives in me, where everyone regardless of religion gather in celebration at an illuminated Park Street and St. Paul's Cathedral on Christmas eve. Whatever it is, I realised yesterday, that attending Church is important for me on Christmas. It is what makes Christmas "good" to me.

Thanks to Ben and Samanda, for tagging me along.

Oh, and we also sang carols!

The last time I remember singing carols (in a formal setting) dates to my nursery years at school. I had been selected for the choir. I was darn excited. Not for being in the choir, that was collateral; what mattered was I would get to wear a bow-tie ! Now, that, when you are a kid of 4, is an event. It is an event which propels you from the world of elastic string-fake knot-tie kids to the world of bow-tie men. Understandably, bow tie was for me the ultimate grown up clothing item.
My excitement continued even after the school show when I refused to part with my bow-tie for days. I would have probably worn it for years to come (and even considered a career in billiards), had it not been for my sister. She revealed to me the terrible truth.."the only men who wear bow-ties these days are waiters". My dream was shattered. My wear-the-bow-tie-with-everything days were over.

Anyway, yesterday we all sang carols together. It was good fun.

The rest of the day involved a nice lunch with Ben and Sam and an evening of brandy and movies with Prabhat and Saurabh. Nothing fancy, no partying.

But, this Christmas was warm.


  1. I so totally identify with the bow-tie thing !

  2. I didn't know where to leave a comment about the vine snake so I thought I'd leave a note here. Do you have a non-blog covered pic of it?

  3. i do...and would be happy to mail it to you..if you so desire

  4. yes yes do! :)
    purely (dot) narcotic at gmail (dot)com