Saturday, 28 February 2009

Guilty !!

Some time ago, on a particularly suicidal day, I had submitted my blog to be reviewed by the jury.

The verdict came in today.

I have been sentenced to rigorous blogging.

Monday, 23 February 2009

In which I turn Super religious and caste conscious..

Pavement outside a mall, 0230 hrs.
A street side vendor selling tea and paranthas. His "stall", a cart, is flanked by three four cars, a motley crew of people and a police jeep. Everyone is busy digging into their late night parantha or sipping their lazy glass of tea.
Enter me,with waist length hair, with two friends; Sahil- a 6'3" fellow with a rattail, Prabhat - with a tiny ponytail.
The police eye us, talk to each other..

Police man : Hey you.Where are you from ?
Us : This neighbourhood.
Police man : You don't look like you are from this neighbourhood. Men from our place have hair that befit men.
Other policemen snigger inside the jeep

Prabhat : We are from this neighborhood. We stay at ..
Sahil : I am from Bombay.
Police man : Oh. That explains it.
[looks at me] And you ?
Me : Calcutta.

Looks of acknowledgement and profundity exchanged between the policemen in the jeep.

Police man : Why do you have such long hair ?
Me : I have made a vow for wish fulfillment at the temple.
Police man : Which temple ?
Me : Kamakhya, in Assam.

Silence descends on the policemen in the van. Another one comes up with an observation.

Police man : And the goatee ? That is a vow too ?
The other policemen snigger again.

Me : No, that is for no reason. Just felt like it.

Silence again. Yet another observant policeman quips in.

Police man : Why do you wear ear rings ?
Me : I am a Brahmin. In our region, you are supposed to pierce your ears during the sacred thread ceremony.
Police man : Here only lower castes wear ear rings.
Me : [faking amusement] Oh ok.

Vendor : Your tea is ready.

We proceed to the tea stall. Fake smiles and good byes to the policemen.

Sahil : It always works..religious bullshit.
Me : It does.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Some days, after a few drinks at an empty pub, playing music that you did not come looking for, talking to a friend, old ghosts seep into your mind.
As the beer seeps in effortlessly into the vacuum, you ponder on questions you thought you had left behind.
Questions that challenge your choices, your convictions, your status quo with life. A single moment that lasts an eternity strips you of all the congeniality you had nurtured for years.

What do you do?
Order another beer, light another cigarette, try to groove to alien songs, stifle the ghosts out of your system. But you know, they'll return..another evening...

Friday, 13 February 2009

Who watches the watchmen

The time draws near...some of the movies I have been waiting for like forever are scheduled for release soon.

Watchmen is about to release!!
And the trailers are promising.

Now if only someone would make a damn movie on Sandman.