Saturday, 28 February 2009

Guilty !!

Some time ago, on a particularly suicidal day, I had submitted my blog to be reviewed by the jury.

The verdict came in today.

I have been sentenced to rigorous blogging.


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  2. Snakey, my lad, you got off easy, methinks! ;)

  3. way too easy.

    i just heard from jha a couple of hours ago that crowley is a friend of his.

  4. ps: like john, i too provide all that jazz. hire me instead.

  5. aha, i was wondering, how come he referred to me as PG..

  6. Ah. I see the Jharring Note of a connection hath been revealed.

  7. No, Mr. Crowley... he did not ask me to fight for him. But I was just conveying that I have immense faith in his words...

  8. Erm,Anupama, I have no problems whatsoever if you stood up for Snake or he asked you to. Really, it's nice to be in the company of people who do that for you :)

    By Jharring Note, I was referring to the common acquaintance Snake and I have.

  9. i see a lot has transpired...

    thanks. your faith in my posts is very encouraging.hopefully, they'll get even better.

    yes. a first degree of separation has been achieved.

  10. loving the new template... and would u ever read a book called - The Thought Gang by a certain Mr. Tibor Fischer. :) i'll be coming around more often.

  11. Also...where were you tuesday night - blogging? :D

  12. @amrita
    yes..i would..if i get my hands on it.
    pleasure having you around in this thoughtscape.

    nah..all the tweaking was done on wednesday. tuesday i was searching for some old clothes to wear to the holi thing...