Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Movie to Remember

Recently, Korean movies are much talked about among the mainstream audience; thanks to Hindi movies based on Korean movies like Old Boy and My Sassy Girl ( the Korean originals are way better). But even before Korean movies were made fashionable by Sanjay Dutt or Mallika Sherawat, I remember watching a lot of Korean movies in Gangtok. The CD libraries there stock Korean movies too, other than the usual pick of Hollywood and Bollywood.

One of my favourite Korean movies I had seen, was in Gangtok. It is a movie called " A Moment to Remember". It is a heart-rending tale of two people in love. The first time I saw the movie , I shed tears during the movie. Last night, I saw it again, and I almost shed tears again.

Woo sung Jung and Ye-jin Son pull off fabulous performances in this sad sweet love story. Sung jung is as convincing as the cold and quick tempered foreman in the first half as he is as the emotionally wrecked husband in the next. Jin son looks oh-so-to die for. And her performance as the sad and bewildered wife trying to come in terms with her state breaks more than Sung jung's heart.

A fabulous movie. Brilliant and heart breaking. A must watch, but do keep your handkerchiefs handy.


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