Thursday, 26 March 2009


People who know me know quite well that I am a Japanophile. From bushido to manga to Tadao Ando to Naoto Fukasawa, the culture and cultural impact of Japan has been of special interest to me. The roots of this special love for everything Japanese maybe traced to the Kurosawa films our cable operator made us watch when I was a kid or maybe, to something much more primal.

Today, I was listening to Japanese music whole day. While a part of the playlist consisted of artists I had heard before, the other part was a new artist (for me) a friend brought to my notice a couple of days ago.

The first part deals with the age-old Japanese music form called Enka. You may have heard it as part of the Kill Bill soundtrack. This is Meiko Kaji ( Lady Snowblood, Scorpion series) singing Shura no hana or Flower of Carnage. She began her career with the Nikkatsu studio then moved on when Nikkatsu shifted to pinku eiga..

The second is a musical duo called Yoshida Kyodai who perform the traditional musical form called Tsugaru shamisen. Thanks to Sahil for bringing them to my notice.

Now as the Japanese would say :
Sugoi desu ne...


  1. bushido, manga...
    what about bukkakke?

  2. Nice clips.

    I've developed a bit of a taste for Okinawan folk music since moving to Naha.

    Have you heard the shimauta? - Rimi Natsukawa, an Okinawa folk singer does a nice version.

    Even though the song was originally made by a Japanese band (the Boom)it's become pretty iconic here and it's hard to visit Okinawa without hearing it playing once.

  3. thanks Krista.

    the clips you suggested were amazing.
    okinawan folk music is new to me, though i have heard a little bit of Oki, who plays the tonkori and has Ainu influences..