Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Diet Politik

Why do vegetarians assume that it is perfectly acceptable to entertain non vegetarian guests/friends with strictly vegetarian cuisine? Yes, we (the non vegetarians) are a more inclusive group when it comes to food we eat. But assuming that we would not want to continue our heathen carnivorous ways because we have the pleasure of your saintly company is pushing it a bit too far.

Would you like it if I turned the tables on you? Would you be as gracious if I called you home and offered you only kebabs and bacon?

Your saintly souls ( God bless them) are sensitive to the needs of all living things (somehow excluding plants and fungi from the scheme, which are living things too, the latter being akin to animals ). Yet you choose to be insensitive to the dietary preferences of others.
Now do not get me wrong here, my satvik friend. I understand your need to be more sensitive to some living things and less to some others.

All living things are equal. But some are more equal than others.

All I ask is that you ask me rather than assuming that I shall see the light by the grace of your company. And do not try to guide me to a better life through your words of wisdom. Leave your Veg man's burden at home.

Freedom of choice is the least you can offer, yes?


  1. Abbe kya hua tuje ? Kisne ghaas phoos khilaya ? :P

  2. hmm..this is not a reactive post to something which happened a few days or weeks is a general observation on what happens...and has happened to me even..though maybe not in the immediate past.

  3. Oh! I hate it when they go all, "Ewww.. I cannot look at that chicken... I cannot stand the smell... please keep it away from me..."

    Do I ask THEM to, "keep that gross lauki away from me?" Do I? No. Hmph.

  4. Exactly, we are a more inclusive group.
    We love our vegetables, served along with the steak.

  5. Next they'll have us going into rehab! :-|

  6. they already tried doing that to me..if you know what i mean ;p