Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mannequin point a.k.a Romantic Rockbottom

"Check out the short haired mannequin" he said ( the one who shall not be named).

"Yeah man" I said, " it’s like life is taunting us by throwing short haired mannequins at us".

"Damn !!"

You know your romantic life has hit a rock bottom when you have such conversations over mannequins. When you stop and stare at them.

But life wasn't always like this..wasn't always about mannequin conversations. At least not till last year, when my last "affair" encountered a roadblock in the form of future life plans.

I wanted to start my business, make money, buy a Harley, retire to a log cabin hidden in the hills. She wanted to go to Europe, start a hippie village and spread love and world peace, and wanted to do it all in the next month. So we decided to be "just friends".

We still are. She didn't go to Europe yet. I started my business, haven't made much money yet.

Anyway, after that, my love life has been fairly non existent. It's not that I don't try (as my mom thinks and often reminds me "Go out. Meet someone. Settle down."). I do. I did twice, during the past year.

But obviously it did not work out. I was too slow and steady for them. The first romantic interest found someone else. The second is all set to leave the country in a week to return to her home country and might not come back at all. So I am still just "a very good friend" of both.

In my days of early youth ( I am talking pre twenties here), I wasn't this slow and steady guy. I was quite the opposite. Half the people to whom I had declared my undying love, I did not even know for even a week before I reached the conclusion that they were my soul mate. Needless to say most ended disastrously. One however, did work out and lasted for 9 years before geographical distance decided otherwise. A couple of short lived romances later, I was this slow and steady guy.

Do not rush into it, I told myself. And so here I am, all too slow and steady talking about mannequins.

But there is still Hope.

It was early 2004, me and a friend of mine (the other one who shall also not be named) were wandering in Lajpat Nagar. I was in a relationship.He just got the news that the love of his life, whom he had been trying to woo for the past five years, has found love in someone else. Obviously the world was a dark place for him to be in. All was lost. I watched helplessly as a bright mind descended into the infernal dark depths of sorrow.The Lajpat trip was part of the "Cheer the Boy" campaign. I hoped, some soul healing food (Golden fiesta sandwiches, ooh yeah) and PYTs out shopping, might help him through such dismal times.

Then it happened.

Out of the darkness, shone a twinkle in his eye.

" I want to take back this mannequin with me" he said, pointing at one staring at us through the glass entrapments of the salwar shop.

"Right" I said.

"No man, lets.."

Half an hour and three sandwiches later, I managed to convince him of the social and regulatory impediments of keeping a mannequin in his hostel room.

The girl changed her mind. He is married to her and living happily in the Queen's backyard.

So perhaps mannequins do signify something. Maybe mannequins are that lowest point of your Romantic Bell curve after which the curve rises again. Maybe..

"Let's come back later and free some mannequins" he said ( the one..).

"Yeah, we can. By the way, she was looking at us"

"That's a good sign. Shit, another hot one.."

P.S. I could not help but notice, most mannequins are Caucasian. Does anyone have any information about short haired east asian mannequins? Just curious..


  1. I'm glad certain parties have remained un-named for the most part ;)

  2. to answer your PS-

    go ahead- indulge your prurient, perverted fantasies ;)

  3. Hallelujah!!
    Me, her, rains in the valley..*sniff*..*sniff*

  4. enjoying the comments youz two! :D

    here's a similarly themed post on mine -

  5. @Amrita
    ah..decided to drop by..did we?
    yeah..such is the life we lead..stare at mannequins and jibe at our own posts and comments..sad, yes?

    ah by the way, i read your post. nice..a very romantic take on the issue..perchance thou knowest whether they make EA mannequins?

  6. what are you guys on about? admit it, you're sitting in your secret lab right now, designing the ultimate blow-up doll. a short-haired one, no doubt.

  7. ...and with asian eyes. God is in the details my friend.

    By the way..that is if we were in our secret lab..which we are not...of course!

    repeat after me..there is no spoon..err..sorry..lab.


  8. Dude its just a matter of time, by the end of this year i have a notion that you would be 'settled' :), Remember our CCD sessions :)

  9. Are you implying that I'd find the perfect mannequin?

    End of the I get're planning to gift me a mannequin on my birthday..admit it..

  10. Lajpat Nagar! Oooh! The sandwiches! The shopping! Hehe... I lived there all my life... till 2005 actually.

    Well, go find the lucky mannequin and wait for your luck to change :)

  11. I am trying..but she just sits and stares across the glass...not a word..i tell you..not a word..

    makes me wonder..what devious conspiracies lead to this silent treatment by her..

  12. @kris


    being quoted and all..sheez..this is serious ego boost...

  13. who wanted to start a hippie village?