Monday, 13 April 2009


I have formulated this theory. It is about a strange malaise that affects the Indian mind. For all I know, it might also affect non-Indian minds, but I am yet to encounter them.

This malaise, that wreaks havoc in our yoga empowered souls, is actually a subset of a greater disease that cripples our lives, the darkness that binds us, the hunger that consumes us,…known at other times as The Colonial Hangover.

But that is a discussion for another day. Today we shall discuss the malaise I have named PRS.

PRS stands for phoren return syndrome.

A subject suffering from PRS, would exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:

1. He would remark how everything in the concerned phoren land (CPL) was better. This would crop up even in the most innocuous of conversations.
e.g. ---“That’s a beautiful red flower”
[PRS patient] “ Yeah. But the flowers in ________(insert CPL) were such brilliant red. Indian flowers just don’t have that shade of red in them.

2. Normal conversations would include references to places/people/anything in CPL without provocation.
e.g. ---“That’s a nice jacket. I saw a similar one in _______ at __________(insert CPL).

3. For the next few days or weeks, the patient will wear or carry only those articles that have been bought from CPL. Usually the articles would have evident signs of their origins on them. If not, and if you do not ask, you will be informed of their land of origin nonetheless.

4. A lot of conversations would start with……”When I was in__ “or “ In ___”

5. Patient’s online status would be “ Back from ___” or some variant. Profile pictures would be changed to those with CPL setting and social networking sites around the globe would be full of Patient’s photos in front of some CPL landmark. In the absence of recognisable landmarks, other methods are employed to indicate CPL..usually photos taken under road signs or pubs, etc.

Several other minor signs are also observed. It is usually observed across ages and socio-economic classes. Through years of research and painstaking statistics, I have compiled these few thumb rules regarding this highly infectious disease.

One rule about the nature and duration of this disease is that –

The extent of PRS that afflicts a person is inversely proportional to the time spent at phoren land. The more time you spend at phoren land or the more frequent you go to phoren land, your PRS susceptibility reduces.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this evil that corrodes our Vedic pure souls, kindly get in touch. I would be happy to explain over a cup of coffee.


  1. I think I've said this before- when you're on to a good thing, ramble on. :)

  2. This is good... but I've sheen better.

  3. @sahil
    Hmm...i'll remember that.

    you sheem bheri phamiliar...are you a cazhin of my phriend ?

  4. Absolutely agreed ! 100%...all of it...

  5. hi,

    just hit upon ur blog. The PRS one is very nice but the most engrossing thing is the way u write. Man!! ur goin to go a long way.

  6. @spiderman

    @crimson thunder
    thanks for dropping by. looking forward to your comments on future posts.

  7. I insest you tell me who told you. I'm not a cazhin anymore.

  8. Bang on, you are!

    The aunties with white boys/girls for sons-in-law/daughters-in-law are known to boast about that too. 'Oh my SIL is there no..even though he's white...'

    PS. Haha word verification says 'unte-ho'

  9. @ purely narcotic
    this reveals new avenues of PRS affliction..passive PRS, like passive smoking kinds...and undoubtedly more dangerous than the active variant..