Thursday, 14 May 2009

Birth of a new monster

Once upon a time , they were free. The Leviathan that now haunt the shores of the New World, only to be shared with the Anglo-Saxons and the Visigoths. We were denied, we felt wronged, and asked, Why ?

Our voices echoed in the pit of silence. All hope appeared to be lost.

But then,under the shade of Ygdrassil rose a new Behemoth. One that can claim to take on the Leviathan. The Behemoth was our champion, champion of the dream impaled, our new monster.

After scourging the unholy bowels of the cyber realms, drifting recklessly on the information highway and taming numerous trojans, I have finally achieved to locate what seems to be our next Holy Grail.

Yes, me talketh about the free alternative to the once free-for-all

So here it is..for your alternative.
And do not forget to add me as a we can sample each other's channels..

Behold fellow music lovers...Jango!!


  1. yep..the only problem i have faced so far is they do not have enough classical or enka/k-pop/j-pop music...or stuff like gods of shamisen..