Saturday, 9 May 2009

Caller tunes

Exactly how I feel. Your favourite song every time I call you is nice only for so long.

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  1. there's a reason i have a song playing: i don't like people calling me, unless absolutely necessary. i know i don't call people with caller tunes i dislike.

  2. heh heh...justification and not worry..i like the song that plays on your phone...

  3. and yes..about the second part...i also avoid calling people whose caller tunes i dislike..

  4. hi Snake,

    hope u have a gr8 weekend!!

    u must have come to know about "Flight 666" ??

    This weekend of mine is going to be the most memorable one in life coz I will be lost in the rocumentary. hope you have fun watching too.

  5. ah yes...i am eagerly waiting to see the movie. I quite enjoyed the other two movies by Dunn, Metal a Headbangers journey and Global metal.

    Also you might want to check out This is Spinal Tap.

    as an aside, you remind me of an old friend, and i am curious.

  6. And the caller tune madness erupts again... I dont want to hear anythin right now...

    Brought to courtesy - A Nice big fat hangover!

  7. Another NO caller tune person! WHOOP WHOOP!!! I almost posted the same xkcd strip on mine a few months back when Gary decided to put A.R. Rahman on his caller tune... :D ask him about it sometime!

  8. Ring ring works and will always work.

    Thankyouverymuch! :)

  9. @amrita
    he he..i will..the next time i meet him.

    ring ring RULES!!