Friday, 29 May 2009

Old girl blues

You who poached kisses with me
in the subway
Do you remember the taste of rain drenched ice cream ?
Teenage love,
uniform clad, walking in alleys forgotten by the city,
laughing merrily atop a bicycle.
Riverside evenings, forbidden whiskey,
tears on a railway station.

You who took me to the lake
and shared the piper's tune
Can you deconstruct longing ?
Arty love,
dazed, glazed, high on poesy,
planning to run to the heart of the Amazon.
Soccer frenzy,
arthouse getaways,
an auto ride to oblivion.

You who travelled for a stranger
with smiles as gifts
Did you find the hidden brook ?
Voodoo love,
bathed in moonrays, scaling the gates of a sleeping city,
morphing the night into a single telephone call.
Stolen weekend, candle lit cosiness,
a call from the past.

You who promised a new world
lush and green
Do you still dream of sun kissed groves ?
Warrior love,
soaked in music, yearning for green on the red stone streets,
smiling through the hookah haze.
Pork curry rice, electric blues laughter,
an old urge to travel.

You who wove dreams
in my hair
Have you stopped running ?
Bohemian love,
stoned smile conversations, painting dream song graffiti,
walking across to the sunset utopia.
Crowded bus kiss, volatile strings,
an unclaimed CD.

You who seldom noticed
my existence
Do you remember me ?
Unrequited love,
glassy eyed foolish, hankering for a glimpse,
digging up joy in simple things.
Many faces, many dreams,
one answer.


  1. Farewell old girls... Farewell old loves...

    The blues have taken over you... it happens when you let go of the mean reds ;)

  2. true...i got 'em ol' kozmic blues again..

  3. hmmm..look who is blue struck today..a tinge familiar