Sunday, 28 June 2009

Episode 2 - Hong ik University Club day

Most of my time in Seoul so far has been spent walking around in the 8km radius, sipping on americanos in cafes and making abstract graphics on my notebook (which in my opinion represent the city),reading, hunting out new food joints, weekend travelling of a places to get the idea. Obviously, being tied down with office-the-next-day and colleagues-who-are-tired-by-the-weekend, meant not much chance to see the nightlife of the city.

But last Friday was an exception, it happened to be the Club day for Hong-ik university. One of the Korean designers strongly recommended that we attend it, "You find young crowd you..all night club like" (sic). So we go there, me and Bali.

And it was amazing ! For 20,000 won , we bought our passes for the night. The pass entitled us to unlimited free entry to 22 clubs in the area for the entire night. We were also given a map marking the clubs (which was insanely out of scale, we found out later) and a complimentary coupon for a single drink (how I wish it was a drink at each club, sigh).

So through out the night we roamed the streets of Seoul, club hopping, listening to a mad melange of rock-n-roll, hard rock, k-pop, j-pop, reggae, finally ending up for a fabulous performance by a jazz quintet. By 2.30 hrs, the live acts were over, so we went a-hopping in the dance clubs, were people jived to everything from Hip-hop to rock-n-roll ( they played The Knacks ). At about 5.30, we came out, and i was all thirsty, the free bottle of beer had only made me more thirsty. So I got myself a one-litre bottle of beer (yessiree) from a convenience store, and we were out on the pavement, drinking beer and waiting for the first train back. All around, young Korea was busy shaking off the night of frenzy...

Here are some snaps from the night,courtesy Bali..


  1. Seoul!!!! Gosh ENVY you......Envy in green glaring electric bulbs....there's a secretly deep sensitivity attached to that particular umpteenth i wish i get a chance to go soon. Enjoy dude!

  2. You! Shtop making fun of the way people shpeak.

  3. @uttara
    no need to envy...i am sure you'll be in Seoul soon...and the best won't have to


    maai shinsheeeresht apologeesh!

  4. hi Snake,

    its been quite long !! evrytime i take ur name it reminds me of the character in "Metal Gear" game...

    anyway i liked ur spirit of going to new places to have a taste of music that all started with NWOBHM... sorry for my shallow knowledge though.. i cant see anything more than those heavy era's.

    well wen i was going thru this post.. i suddenly wanted to ask u sumthin!! i dunno i might be horribly wrong..... all i wanted to ask u is have u ever tried of putting high end audio system at ur place?? now dnt drop the lower part of ur jaw like a lead ball!! kidding man !! but sometime back... wen i went i got see Scorpions live... i thought y not give it a shot... then came the period of intense research... and i chose Bose, Wharfedale and Polk.... well Bose !! it sucked like anything .... and between the latter two i finally picked up Wharfedale with their "Diamond 9.2 speakers"... then came to point of choosing an amp.... and i easily settled for "Marantz" to plug them all to a samsung DVD player... believe me dude !! it was worth spending and finally i m counting my doughs to finally bring home SW150 woofer from Wharfedale..

    sorry for such an incoherent comment but i felt like sharing since u have that "thing" for music

    happy stay at Seoul..... and rock like hell \m/