Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I am tired..

...of being the nice guy, the fall guy, the share-your-troubles guy, the ex you call at 3.00 in the morn when you have a bad dream..

...of staring at the phonebook and wondering whom to call to share the joy of waking up to find rain on my terrace..

...of hanging on to a 9-6 job and waiting for the day I do what I have always wanted to...

...of being away from my beloved hills far too long..


  1. hmm....alone or lonely??

    giving or taking?

    happy or sad?

  2. You echo my thoughts to the hilt!

  3. @shooting star
    just tired..

    we seem to be in the same boat, eh?

  4. Hey hi bro..Happy meeting u:) first time here..nice blog:) reading u r post,makes me feel home sick now :( was so cute n touching:) wil keep following!
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    Blog Name: Welcome to my world -Benny... thx Abhishek

  5. @benny
    thanks for dropping by. i'll surely check out your short stories.

    p.s which post made you feel homesick, this one?

  6. hi Snake,

    quite a long hibernating period for me !!

    have some news for ya which wont make you go to this world of "nothingness" or like being no one again !!

    i have read somewhere in your blog of retiring to some lap of hills in a wood house riding a "Harley"... well well !! it aint a dream anymore... coz they are in India finally!!

    So pick up ur devil and be the ghostrider !!

  7. @crimson

    aye..i can hear the distant rumblings as the iron horses come charging in..

  8. hi,

    i can see that smile on your face learning about their arrival.

    well !! i aint any stranger.

    its time to save up every dime for the next couple of years to bring home my own black beauty