Sunday, 16 August 2009

A Lazy weekend

This 3 day weekend has been a perfect complement to my hectic weekend of last week.
I have done nothing, except read, watch movies, stare at the rain while sipping green tea with honey and lemon, stare some more while lazily dragging on the cigarette and venture out to the nearest cafe and read till the closing hours. I shall be finishing it off today with a nice dinner with a few friends, the only "weekend" activity I shall indulge in this weekend.
I did not get much sleep though, thanks to my near-insomniac tendencies ( imagine waking up at 7.30 on a rainy Saturday morning after going to sleep at 5.15), but I have no reason to complain, that's just me.

Last weekend was crazy, we partied like mad. Between Friday evening and Sunday evening last week, I had been in no less than 5 parties. What ensued was lots of fun, catching up, drinking, but little rest.

All credits to Joseph and Reshmi for arranging a GREAT party where for the first time in the history of house parties, the fridge was still full of beer even after everyone had had their fill of all kinds of alcohol at 4 in the morning. How they managed the exemplary feat, I have no clue. Respect.
Also for the records, the arrival of a friend from Calcutta ensured a 6 hour drinking marathon at Blues which started with beer and ended with Grand Marnier.

So of course, this weekend of rest was much needed.

But, it was not what I had planned. What I had in mind was throw a house party where we all drink the soju I got. But, the evil that dwells in the house played spoilsport.
For quite some time, the guest room of our house has been turned into a carton room by various friends who had come to Delhi in search of accomodation. Some got accomodation, some left for another city, but the cartons of either haven't left our house.
So the Great Weekend Plan consisted of getting all the cartons to the garage downstairs, because sure as hell am not throwing a party with cartons stacked up in a room in the house. But then it rained. The cartons did not get shifted and the party did not happen.

But it will, and soon. Only, the cartons need to go first, see, cause I am a bit of a cleanliness freak. So hang on there my dearies, we shall celebrate the Great Carton Migration with soju...


  1. You are not invited to any more parties at home... unless you promise to go downstairs and speak to the residents there.

    The landlord was very excited by the party, too... he's throwing one on our terrace sometime.

  2. i will this time ...pwomise :)