Monday, 21 September 2009

Pathologically incapable of rest..

"You're pathologically incapable of rest", said my friend.

I had no answer.

Here I am, sick for the past two days, yet today morning I almost left for office. I was ready, coughing my guts out, but ready to leave. Then I changed my mind. Not because I thought I should rest ,mind you, but because there was another reason not to go to work other than being sick.

Well that's me. Firstly, being sick makes me very irritated with myself.
So I go like, " Dude, how could you do this to yourself ? ". After a brief discourse on mind over matter with myself, I usually end up convincing myself of not being sick. So, yes, I am incapable of rest, in a way.

But today I thought about it. Why is it that I am incapable of rest? Why is that I must keep moving?
I am yet to find the answer.

Perhaps I am one of the restless kinds..

Or perhaps, when you are moving, everything beside you is a blur, you miss out on the details, you do not realise who is with you, or isn't...


  1. hmm..incapable of rest....gud in a have so much time to spend with yourself!!
    am the capability of resting is unlimited.....whenever i have got the time and oppurtunities....i have rested(read slept) continously for weeks!!!

  2. The last 2 words of this post is the most relevant ?

  3. @star
    i envy your ability to sleep..

    perceptive, aren't we?