Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tattoo cravings..

I have been craving for a new Tattoo for long . Right now I am at the point where this craving is almost tipping over. So I must get one soon.

No..not my dream fullback one..I still do not have the money for it *sigh*. But another of those smaller ones..just an addition to my already tattooed left upper arm.

I got meself an artist too. She comes with recommendation from a friend.
If only I can pin down the design now...

Suggestions people..


  1. Well, sire, one would need to know/ see what's already tattooed on the upper arm to be able to suggest. This is to avoid situations where I suggest getting a stylised tiger or some such and flip your hair and tell me you like 'em pink butterflies! Tee hee! :P

  2. please do gimme the contact and details of the tattoo artist too!!
    im searching for a gud one, the first tattoo i got was real gud...but its not feasible for me to go to gurgaon where the tattoo shop is and the twin tattoos i got done from mike's tattoo shop in kalkaji..turned out to be a bad experience...so im a bit apprehensive......been doing a lot of r& d on tattoo artists in delhi...and ur info will be helpful

  3. thanks for the comment on the site. yeah i had switched my blog from blogspot to wordpress ... gosh if i ever catch a chance to breathe i'll go through and fix those :)
    yeah i wish i was doing more portraits and poems. seems like i haven't had a moment to myself in a while.
    i'm at six tattoos now, so i understand that desire that drives you crazy to get one :)

  4. @sirop
    i have a tribal om that is stylised as a shuriken...designed by yours truly

    @shooting star
    sure thing...i'll drop you a mail with her contact..

    will look forward to the poems and portraits.
    six tattoos is impressive and way cool !

  5. Err... how did you do that? You should post the design and then ask for suggestions. Ah, Im so demanding.

  6. well..i did that tattoo about a year ago. in fact there has been a change in plans...i am not getting one tattoo now..am geting TWO :)...one for each arm...design for both is about 46.78% complete...