Friday, 16 October 2009

Template trouble

There is some problem with my template it seems. The dates beside post headers is not showing up.

Grr..time for some template hack...and while I am at it..maybe a new template.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

End of Employee Life..

I handed in the papers yesterday. From today I begin the last few days of corporate life life as an employee. Me and a couple of friends have started our own design firm.

This was a difficult resignation, in the emotional sense. We all try to be professional about our colleagues (esp. bosses) but end up being emotional. Which is what made this resignation so difficult.

It is very easy to quit a job which you do not like or quit a job because of a difficult boss. However when you have a wonderful boss, who goes out of her way to support you, to take on other departments on your behalf whenever the wheel gets stuck, it ceases to be easy.
For a long time, the pressing thought in my mind was  how the news would affect my boss when I told her. It is difficult to reconcile to the fact that you have to sadden someone who has been so nice to you.
I know a lot of you would say, "Hey it's just a job. Be professional about it."
But we Indians are not so professional no? We tend to emote our daily interactions with everyone we meet in our life. Which is what gives us the warmth that is the quintessence of our culture.

The news did cause her a lot of grief. But what she told me finally at the end of our meeting, is what marks her as a true leader.

"Make me proud after you leave, be the best.." she said.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


What took Mother Teresa, Aung San Suu Kyi and HH the Dalai Lama years of hardship to achieve..has been given away to a 10 month old president of a nation engaged in war...for intentions!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The visit Home

So, I'm back after an almost two-week trip to my home.

As always, when I returned to the city that I can arguably call "home", I found that many things about my city has changed. The once-tranquil city is now abuzz, the hidden small byroads that used to be a pedestrian's pleasure are full of irate cars honking away; the friendly shops of yester years have given way to the big swanky shopping malls; the pristine greenery of my part of town is ravaged by digging that would make way for the Metro.

But most of all, what I felt missing was the warmth. 

The city used to be full of a certain feeling of warmth that would greet you even if you were a stranger, not anymore.

During my stay, I not only met up with friends and family, but also dabbled in several small adventures. From checking out the hotbeds of the city's nightlife (which unlike the other happening cities extends till morning in Calcutta), to day-long journeys across the city in search of music and food.

SomePlace Else
The place is not the same it used to be. Though the good old bands continue to play alongside the new ones, and it still remains a place where you can catch live music every night till the wee hours of morn. The pub is overcrowded on most days, to put it mildly, and the crowd itself leaves much to be asked. It makes sense now that so many of my old music loving friends have stopped frequenting the pub.

Grossly overhyped for a place that plays less than palatable music.
I am not talking about the genre here, for regardless of my (or your) preference of genre, a club may very well play the genre they deem fit for their business. But which club worth its name plays the same track over and over again? I mean, come on, you claim to be a high profile "invitees only" club and you can't afford a decent DJ with a good enough library of music?
The crowd inside, however, makes you realise why they should not bother getting a better DJ.
Somehow all the people that are in most people's "not-to-invite-to-any-party-even-if-they-are-the-only-people-alive" list have ended up on their invitees list. A crowd of wannabes hog the dance floor and you can  expect to be forced into wanton "i-am-so-macho-i-pee-testosterone" brawls by rich kids of well connected dads.

Nice pub! Has the correct ambience and plays good music. May become the rightful successor to what SPE used to be, if it already isn't.

The Calcutta Metal Tour
Thanks to Bubuda and Tony, his friend-NASA scientist-practising metalhead from the US of A, I had the good fortune to visit the practice sessions of three of Calcutta's own metal bands - Chronic Xorn, DIOT' B and MoshPit.
It was awesome! The energy and passion of these 20-something lads is infectious. It was hearty to know that deep in its underbelly; my city is still nurturing amazing musicians. Keep rocking guys \m/
 Also, special credits to the brutal death metal band DIOT' B for taking the pains to organise a one-of-a-kind metal only music festival three times in a row in Calcutta called The Pit.

The G(F)ood part
My city still remains one of the best places in India for scrumptious lip-smacking food. The city may have changed for what its worth, but the food still retains its original flavour. The hot kaathi rolls of Park Street are still delicious as ever, the Biriyani and chaamp of Royal are still stuff the nawabs would kill for, K.C.Das continues to make its heavenly Chaanar paayesh, China Town lovingly woos everyone with its eclectic Chinese food and the phuchkas can still kick the shit out of any golgappa..

p.s. for the foodies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Tangerine are two new (for me at least) restaurants worth a visit..