Wednesday, 14 October 2009

End of Employee Life..

I handed in the papers yesterday. From today I begin the last few days of corporate life life as an employee. Me and a couple of friends have started our own design firm.

This was a difficult resignation, in the emotional sense. We all try to be professional about our colleagues (esp. bosses) but end up being emotional. Which is what made this resignation so difficult.

It is very easy to quit a job which you do not like or quit a job because of a difficult boss. However when you have a wonderful boss, who goes out of her way to support you, to take on other departments on your behalf whenever the wheel gets stuck, it ceases to be easy.
For a long time, the pressing thought in my mind was  how the news would affect my boss when I told her. It is difficult to reconcile to the fact that you have to sadden someone who has been so nice to you.
I know a lot of you would say, "Hey it's just a job. Be professional about it."
But we Indians are not so professional no? We tend to emote our daily interactions with everyone we meet in our life. Which is what gives us the warmth that is the quintessence of our culture.

The news did cause her a lot of grief. But what she told me finally at the end of our meeting, is what marks her as a true leader.

"Make me proud after you leave, be the best.." she said.


  1. I was in a somewhat similar situation when I quit my first job. I was very fond of my boss(es)and they were incredibly nice to me. One of my bosses was supportive even though he didnt like the idea of losing a resource in me, and I think that way they also wanted to keep a door open for me to go back should I change my mind. Although I'm highly unlikely to ever go back to that field, but I'll always have the fondest memories of them.

  2. true...such people leave a mark on you..

  3. Congrats! And all the very best! The adage "may you live in interesting times" is gonna come true in your life now. Be assured of that, at the least.

  4. hmm...a chinese curse you hurl upon me...

  5. well, thats the mark of a true leader, he or she will not grudge u for not following.....
    and ur charting a new path, wish u luck!!

  6. Im impressed by what she told you, most of them curse you and demean you. All the best dude, be the best! :)

  7. but she is not like most of them, no?
    the best boss i've had..ever. thanks for the wishes.