Saturday, 7 November 2009

An alibi ?

I haven't blogged for a while now and I have lots of things to say, lots of stories and interesting theories to share. But time has become a luxury I can barely afford now.
Strange considering the fact that I have quit the entire corporate life paraphernalia. But this also means that there are no assured paychecks, so I am working harder than ever. My time is now divided entirely between doing old school pen-and-paper stuff at the studio [it'll be sometime before we can buy the second workstation for the studio] and coming back home to do the digital part of the work on my workstation [my incompatibility wth laptops has landed me here, unlike my partners who have smartly laptop-ed themselves long ago]. So between the 16 hour work day, I really have had no intention of being near the keyboard unless impending doom, armageddon, uncleared junk mail or other such dire consequences stare me in the face.

The free time I manage to carve out for myself is being spent at the nearby Barista guzzling coffee and gorging books..

But I would like to thank my 4-hours-of-sleep-and-i-am-fine nature, without which even the cafe time would have not been possible.


  1. hmmm..the other life..i guess the grass isnt that greener on the other side...
    but atleast you get the whole credit for your creativity...not the conglomerate!!.....
    the most irritating thing i find about a job is that no matter how much good work i do, i will not own the will be the property of the company and the credit i get within my company isnt satisfying me nowadays..i wish that my work has my own stamp on it.....

  2. the grass is definitely greener..don't get me just grows a bit slowly on this side of the fence..

  3. 4 hours of sleep? Oops! But then, its only for yourself.. has a kind of silver lining, doesn't it?

    And they say hard work always pays. Hard work pays when you work for yourself... otherwise it is what pleases your boss.

    But we look forward to your blogs.. and if not for us, just for yourself, do keep blogging. You can add and alter anytime, but have the posts flowing.