Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Save Stripey


Join the roar, help save these beautiful animals.


  1. yess!!
    we definitely need to support our tigers!!
    i have been a passionate supporter since last 5 years....plz do check out world wildlife fund india's webpage, they are doin a lot in this regard

  2. Yesh... I have been shavouring tigersh for many yearsh, but I've shavoured better.

  3. @star
    i did, but how do we get involved is not clear[except the "donate" link]. could you elucidate?

    not shavour, you needs to save..

  4. I saved yesterday. Gillette.

  5. Well... there should soon be more than the donate... hopefully lots - you and i know a few close friends who are on the case to make it MORE than a donate button! ;) talk on saturday!

  6. wwell, snake...they need volunteers for thier project toger....i was one two years backk, dedicated some of my time in ranthambore tracking project, but a very short while!!...
    then i went onto fundraising for them, you know asking corporates to donate..coz they can donate big time, plus they buy stationary from WWF, which helps in the financials of project tiger....
    if u have time, u can also volunteer, i went to their office in lodhi estate and enquired directly, after checking out the website....
    i guess this much info will be useful to you......if u need any more details, please feel free to ask!!!

  7. @rozhie
    not gillette...stripey is the one you need to save..

    saturday it is !

    i think this will suffice for now, i'll talk to the people at the lodhi estate office. thanks..

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  9. at my blog, a post triggered by a thought reading one of ur posts.