Friday, 26 March 2010


Well, I've been all praises for this band lately. And tomorrow, I go to see them live, again !!

It is only fair then, I share some of their music...


Holy Shmoly !

Kang Min Kyung is now my Facebook friend !!

Jeez...I know, I may be acting a bit like an adolescent here, but what the fuck...she like accepted my friend request.

I think this just about made my day. I can dwell on this simple non consequential fact for at least a month and be happy; after that see it again, and be happy again.

Had I been a physicist, this would have laid the foundations for a perpetual motion machine..

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Stirfried beef, tattoo and a promise of good music

After ages of designing, redesigning, changing the concept, fiddling with vector handles, napkin sketches, being inspired, I finally came up with a design for my second tattoo on Friday night. It was true to the original concept and matched the style of my first, which was essential because it was to be inked above the first.

So there I was, at the tattoo artist's studio on Saturday evening accompanied by Joseph. I got my second tattoo and am delighted about it. It looks like one big tattoo on my arm now, but is actually two different tattoos, now isn’t that clever or what?

You don't get any pictures of the tattoos though. I am very possessive about my tattoos. I don't pick them from dime-a-dozen tattoo flash books or sites. I spend days and nights designing each and every one of them. Each holds a very special meaning and signifies a part of me. These are parts of my soul, things that have been and will always be a part of me. So there..

But of course, I could show them to you in person, if you are that curious..

Somehow the cost also matched, exactly the amount that was allotted for it. This also meant sadly, that the after party of the tattoo had to be cancelled.

But anyway, the afternoon had started with a beer at Joseph's and ended with a delicious meal of stir fried beef in coconut. I was also gifted a pack of the beef curry. All in all a very satisfying weekend.

Also in news, I hear one of my favourite new bands from the North East, Boomarang will be playing next week at my college fest. Obviously, next week looks good.

P.S. Happened to browse through the Rolling Stone magazine's [Indian issue] list of top 25 Indian bands; the only band from the North East that seems to have made it to the list is Soulmate. I love the music of Soulmate, personally I would place them in my top 5 bands from India, but I find it hard to believe that they are the ONLY band from the North-East that made it to the list. Clearly these guys were not looking hard enough..

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sometimes I feel I am stuck in a Gaiman comic

Sometimes I feel I am stuck in a Gaiman comic
moments playing out panel by panel ;
gritty, discordant, surreal life threads
tinted by a dark smile.

And I wait
to turn the page
perhaps revealing the panel with you in it
or perhaps
the panel with the dark ankh eyed dream sibling.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Move over Zhi Yi Zhang, Kang Min Kyung is my new heartthrob


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spamming made easy : gracias Google Buzz !

So I do not Buzz anymore.

As you are aware, I have somewhat of an OCD about unread mail. Buzz made it so easy to have scores of unread mail and buzzes everytime. Obviously, the prospect of 100s of unread mail sitting in my Inbox if I did not check mail for a day, was too much for me to handle. In an attempt to  save myself from this lethal threat, I had turned off Buzz.

But little did I know of the Machiavellian plans that this innocuous application harboured in its dark electronic heart.
It so happened, that inspite of turning it off, it continued to stream buzzes from me through my gtalk status.
While I was happily listening to my playlist and chatting, each song change in my playlist [which reflects in my gtalk status] was filling the inboxes of my happless friends as a new buzz from me. Soon, some of them reported back to me that I was filling up their mailboxes with my song list.

Thanks to Buzz, a simple act of listening to music  was making me a spammer !

There you have it  - spamming for dummies.

Step 1 : Sign up for  Buzz [it  links to your gtalk status by default]
Step 2 : Make sure you have "show current music" feature enabled in gtalk
Step 3 : Put on a long playlist
Step 4 : Sit back and enjoy while Buzz does the spamming for you

Monday, 1 March 2010

Challenges and piss-offs

One thing that greatly pisses me off as a designer is when after working really hard on something, trying all the variations and possibilities, the client chips in with his “design”.

Seemingly innocuous remarks like make the text bigger, try a bit of this colour, make it a little bigger are stuff that can make us borderline homicidal at times.
The root of the problem of course lies with the fact that most people have little or no understanding of the processes or sensitivity involved in the creation of a new design. Everybody feels they can improve the design; you can, if you understand the bigger picture. Otherwise refrain.

At such times, I always recall an incident from my past work life. I was a fresh graduate then, working as a motorcycle designer at one of the Japanese big four.  We were having a presentation with the marketing department to finalise on the new graphics of a bike. The presentation stretched on for some time, everything from sales figures to production schedules being discussed.

Suddenly, the head of marketing remarked “ Why don’t we try this colour?”

My boss, a Japanese designer of considerable repute , was enraged.

What he said to the marketing head, can be roughly translated as :

Please leave the design to us. We don’t tell you how to sell, so please do not tell us how to design. You are in marketing , you understand the market and selling. It is our job to deal with colours and graphics, we are the designer ne* ?”

No wonder the design team considered him a rockstar.
I learnt a lot from that man and I still owe my sensei.

Incidents such as these are not uncommon. See here for yet another example.

That is the sad part; you never ask a doctor “Probably you can try using 6 stitches instead of 8”, yet  you want to do our job better than us.

watastachiwa designer desu ne..

* ne is a Japanese affirmative interrogation ending, but it’s essence cannot be translated, only understood.