Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spamming made easy : gracias Google Buzz !

So I do not Buzz anymore.

As you are aware, I have somewhat of an OCD about unread mail. Buzz made it so easy to have scores of unread mail and buzzes everytime. Obviously, the prospect of 100s of unread mail sitting in my Inbox if I did not check mail for a day, was too much for me to handle. In an attempt to  save myself from this lethal threat, I had turned off Buzz.

But little did I know of the Machiavellian plans that this innocuous application harboured in its dark electronic heart.
It so happened, that inspite of turning it off, it continued to stream buzzes from me through my gtalk status.
While I was happily listening to my playlist and chatting, each song change in my playlist [which reflects in my gtalk status] was filling the inboxes of my happless friends as a new buzz from me. Soon, some of them reported back to me that I was filling up their mailboxes with my song list.

Thanks to Buzz, a simple act of listening to music  was making me a spammer !

There you have it  - spamming for dummies.

Step 1 : Sign up for  Buzz [it  links to your gtalk status by default]
Step 2 : Make sure you have "show current music" feature enabled in gtalk
Step 3 : Put on a long playlist
Step 4 : Sit back and enjoy while Buzz does the spamming for you


  1. oneofyourfriends7 March 2010 at 10:11

    your hapless friends had to witness the snake listening to britney spears...tch tch

  2. ha ha...i believe that friend was a bit south of sober when he witnessed this...

  3. twoofyourfriends8 March 2010 at 05:45

    were NOT!

  4. twoofyourfriends (thesecondone)8 March 2010 at 05:46

    definitely NOT!

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  6. I too am not sure what buzz is all about. BUt I guess it can increase the readership of your blog, and viewership of your picasa page if you link these sites... not sure of the truth though!

  7. it can...but the price is too high.
    i do not want people to flood my inbox with updates at the slightest instance, nor do i wish to do the same to their inboxes :)