Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Buy me a beer?

Weekends have become quite a luxury. I have been working everyday for the past few weeks.

Average sleeping hours are 2 hours per day now, 4 on days when I am extremely lucky.

We are over worked, understaffed, way under financed.

What used to be the amount spent in a weekend night at a pub, is double the amount I can afford to spend in a week now.

Some have fallen.

As if to add a bit more chutzpah, my landlady has decided to return. Which means I'll have to find a new place now. Not a good thing to do when you are in the middle of a financial crisis.

It's not easy , but failing is not an option...


  1. just hold on buddy...if you can go through the toughest time without compromising on what you started of with, then sunshine is just another night away...

  2. well, this is life!!
    so spake my hubby when one of his colleagues was narrating him his woes about some similar things!!

  3. @spidey
    thanks for the encouraging words mate!

    he is right :)

  4. well.... the darkest hour of a night herald the arrival of a dawn....

    and u will come out of it to appreciate the beauty of the morning.. amen !!

  5. Part of life, yes.

    But do remember your friends who are right there behind you... we are here, so dont worry, be happy.

  6. thanks anupama.

    i am really grateful to all my friends. their faith and wishes continue to motivate me..