Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Of Navy commandos, good music, a BIIIG mistake and budweiser [to say nothing of the flash drive]

A week of hard work and long shifts deserves a brilliant weekend. For once, I guess, Murphy was looking away [except for a brief instance, which shall be elucidated later on in this post] and I got a brilliant long weekend.

So it was the weekend of Easter, three days to boot ! It was also the weekend, that Nitin had decided to come from Cal on his annual break, so we knew that the word party would feature quite prominently...since Nitin was on a holiday!

Friday morning, I get a message from another friend, Rizwana, saying she had braved the dire journey to Noida from Delhi, across the plains of Mordor Sarita Vihar. So we met up at the nearby Barista for a nice afternoon chat over some coffee. Or so we thought !
Unknown to us, however, the dark lord was rising, in the next coffee table !

He cut into our conversation with the polite unassuming question:

So you're Bengalis?

Perceptive of him, I must say, considering we had been constantly talking in Bengali for the past half an hour, at a coffee table beside him.


Aha! I've been to Calcutta. My ship was docked there. I'm in the navy you know..

At this point, I begin to wonder, whether the Navy has a course in accent training, a very peculiar accent at that, almost American, yet with a softer T if he suddenly becomes Italian when he reaches the T's and D's.

I am here waiting for a friend, just walked over from Delhi..

Walked...the man said walked. I stare surprised......also note that the Navy also probably has a separate uber-secret course titled  How not to sweat and look fresh out of an AC-car after walking 10km in 32°C heat.

Could have taken a metro, I suggested.

Damn, never occurred to me. That's clever...actually coming here after a long time..

Next few minutes we listen agape, over our now-cold coffee, how he has flown F-16s, had had 8 to 1 dogfights with a Sukhoi against F-16s, out Krav Maga-ed the Mossad and among other things was part of the crack team for 26/11. Several sagas of his heroism continued.

But mistake him not as the brawny-type, for he also teaches at IIT and IIM. He is one of the best men our country has when it comes to the subtle martial art of the EMP [electromagnetic pulse, for the uninitiated]. He also had some useful tips and tricks on how to run our country as well as Bangladesh [where Riz is from]. The latter included Riz taking me to her country and making me a leader, so that I can build bridges there !!

Anyway, soon the Helen that would launch his ship arrived and offered us some much needed respite.

And thus ended our tryst with the navy super commando.

Part 2, Evening and THE mistake

So of course, after an afternoon with such a super soldier, the next thing you want to do is go out for a beer..

Of course, it is a tremendous bonus knowing that one of your loved bands would be playing at the pub and that you've got a friend on a holiday and a few more to tag along.

So we ended up at TC where Boomarang was playing.

And they were kind enough to have "happy hours till the cricket match is on" happening. Soon good music, ample beer and a meeting of friends took over.
Very soon as is usual with me, I could no longer restrict myself to the bar stool and ended up in front.
Furious headbanging ensued...

A guy hugged me and said something, some girls smiled and said something , for me all I could hear was the music, and of course the beer helped. And then it happened !

I think I'll regret this part for long, very long.

One girl came up to me, smiled and started rubbing her hands all over my back.
Not once, not twice, five fucking times!!!
And then Murphy smiled. 
I was so drunk and into the music, all I could manage was, turn and smile back at the name, no phone number! Damn!

Minutes later, realisation and inconsolable regret dawned. But too late, she had left !

Part 3, Saturday and Sunday

Much of Saturday and Sunday was spent moping and trying to kick myself.

As if by way of divine consolation, a friend of mine asked me out for lunch on Saturday. "It would involve pork" she messaged. So pork and laughter, coffee and happy times followed. After she left, I was again back to reflection and "Fuck-I've-been-a-Moron" mode.

Now, this is where the divine consolation outdid itself. An almost outrageous demand I made for a 16Gb flash drive to a friend I met later in the evening, since-I-have-been-a-moron-and-deserve-something-as-consolation, was granted with her approval. She actually bought me one that very evening !

And so the night was spent with friends with more beer, now-and-then-popping up regret and playing cards.

Next day, another friend, Vijay, arrived from Bangalore. In the evening, while we stood on the terrace, cherishing Budweiser and old memories of times spent in a dry state, it seemed that indeed this has been an awesome Easter weekend..

But, for that...


  1. I wash going to shay that I've sheen hotter chicksh than her.
    But I won't.

    That wash me.

  2. haha. what an enlightening conversation we had! books from royal library, marshal art,leadership, israel wow, he covered everything! interesting.we have to go to Barrista again to see who you attract next time :)

  3. @rozhie

    she didn't have a beard :)

    @anon.aka riz
    we do...whaddya know..we might just meet james bond next time ;D

  4. u sure that so called navy commando guy was not on grass?????????????
    navy comando in barista!! i know a thing or two about commandos (my bro being one himself), they sure dont roam around in baristas telling stories!!......
    and yeah, u missed the chance big time fella....