Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shifting woes and absence

Most of this month has been spent in shifting. Getting a working house into cartons and then back again in another house. The working part is still to be accomplished is almost done. Took me enough trouble to get an internet connection installed.
As for now I am back to the days of manual laundry, since the washing machine is part of the remaining working status.

Between the new house woes, laundry, getting used to the switches and the goddamned summer, I have rarely had a chance to blog. But soon...

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Threats and dates

My mom's been bitten by the "Why is my son single?" bug again. Dark days await me now.

Irate that I am not paying heed to her repeated appeals to "go out and meet people", she is planning to take matters into her own hands.

She warned me today that unless I get hitched by the time I go back home , she is going to set me up for blind dates the next time I am home.

"You won't even know, I'll arrange for you to bump into people...the kind of people you like.." was her chilling threat, delivered with characteristic sweetness.

"But we had a deal.."

" Then go out and meet girls. Work will keep happening, don't give me that excuse. Why can't you just find someone for yourself ? "

I better have some answers soon [ must rope in dad ]...or postpone my trip home.