Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Threats and dates

My mom's been bitten by the "Why is my son single?" bug again. Dark days await me now.

Irate that I am not paying heed to her repeated appeals to "go out and meet people", she is planning to take matters into her own hands.

She warned me today that unless I get hitched by the time I go back home , she is going to set me up for blind dates the next time I am home.

"You won't even know, I'll arrange for you to bump into people...the kind of people you like.." was her chilling threat, delivered with characteristic sweetness.

"But we had a deal.."

" Then go out and meet girls. Work will keep happening, don't give me that excuse. Why can't you just find someone for yourself ? "

I better have some answers soon [ must rope in dad ]...or postpone my trip home.


  1. I'll join hands with Mom. Find somebody yourself, or else...

  2. rozhies coushin's sheeaarvee5 May 2010 at 09:40

    pooof...the sound taht your asian infatuation bubble just made (you guessed right, it went pop just before that!!)

  3. @sheeaarvee

    hah! she is well aware of between the italics, me boy...

  4. if u dont wanna meet people, just tell her that ur happy being single..i guess she will understand...

  5. hmmmm... nice to read about it and i know what it means when parents decides to roll up their sleeves.. and take matters in their own hand....

    i guess u can wind up the whole thing with the lady of ur choice and surprise them on ur visit...

  6. Yeah, why cant you find a girl for yourself ? ;) ;)

  7. thats the standard way mother nature operates when it has to take revenge from her children.. enjoy the phase dude..shud i be thy messenger to tripti

  8. How very similar!!!

    I have my full support for you, old friend!!!