Friday, 20 August 2010

Back with a beautiful song..

Its been ages since I had blogged. Many issues which I had mentioned in my earlier posts and some more which  I had not, had kept me away. I would like to think, that some had missed the updates on my blog; if you have,I dedicate this beautiful ballad to you.

Couple of weeks ago, I was going through my collection of X-Japan songs. If you haven't heard them , you should. Arguably one of the finest talents to come out of Asia, pioneers of a new genre of J-rock [visual kei], their music was at its finest form in their ballads. So if you like rock ballads, do check them out.

Here's to you..

Here are the lyrics in Romaji and English

Forever Love [Romaji]

Mō hitori de arukenai
Toki no kaze ga tsuyosugite


Kizu tsuku koto nante
Nareta hazu dakedo ima wa


Kono mama dakishimete
Nureta mama no kokoro o
Kawari tsuzukeru kono toki ni
Kawaranai ai ga aru nara

Will you hold my heart

Namida uketomete
Mō... Kowaresō na All my heart

Forever Love

Afureru omoi dake ga
hageshiku setsunaku
jikan o umetsukusu

Oh tell me why

All I see is blue in my heart

Will you stay with me

Kaze ga sugisaru made
Mata afure dasu all my tears

Forever Love

Forever Dream

Konomama soba ni ite
Yoake ni furueru
Kokoro o daki shimete

Oh Stay with me


Subete ga owareba ii
Owari no nai kono yoru ni


Ushinau mono nante
Nanimo nai anata dake

Forever Love

Forever Dream

Konomama soba ni ite
Yoake ni furueru
Kokoro o daki shimete

Ah Will you stay with me

Kaze ga sugisaru made
Mō dare yori mo soba ni

Forever Love
Forever Dream

Kore ijyō arukenai

Oh Tell me why
Oh Tell me true

Oshiete ikiru imi o

Forever Love
Forever Dream

Afureru namida no naka
Kagayaku kisetsu ga
Eien ni kawaru made

Forever Love..

Forever Love [English]

I'll never walk alone again, the winds of time are too strong.
Ah, it's that what you hurts, which you'll have to live with...
Ah, this tight embrace, and this burning, unchanged heart.
In this ever changing time, love will never change.

Will you hold my heart? Stop flowing tears.
Again, all of my heart is broken....

Forever love, forever dream
Only flowing emotions, bury this intense,
trying, meaningless times.
Oh tell me why ... all I see is blue in my heart.

Will you stay with me? Wait until after the wind passes,
all my tears are still flowing...

Forever love, forever dream Stay with me like this.
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn.
Oh stay with me...

Ah, everything good seems to be ending,
in this unending night.
Ah, what else would you lose if nothing at all matters.

Forever love, forever dream, stay with me like this.
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn.

Oh will you stay with me... Until the wind passes,
stay with me again.

Forever love, forever dream, I'll never walk this path.
Oh tell me why, tell me true, teach me how to live.
Forever love, forever dream, within flowing tears
Bright seasons will forever change again and again ....
forever love...

Notes: This footage is from the 1997 last live performance of X-Japan. The band had decided to disband,and this was their farewell performance after announcing the dissolution. Hence you see Yoshiki, founding member and the songwriter for this song, crying. Shortly after this performance, hide [the guitarist] also died.
X Japan reunited in 2007, however, hide will forever be missed.


  1. hi,

    nice to see ur post after so long... i thought the traveller in you has finally taken ova... and ur on a voyage again...

    this song i had heard if i am not mistaken..... still its a beauty when one knows about the lyrics....

    these days a lot of things are happening at Music Planet, Saket. I guess it has become my habit to go there everyday on my way back from office..... and i am not repenting... they have loaded the basement with hell lots of music....

    Btw do check out "Spock's Beard", "Saga", "Eagles of Death Metal", "Kino" & "Magnum" before deciding to pay a visit.....

    Last but not the least.. i have finally got hold of "Quiet Riot" there.

    Take care and looking forward to ur new post soon.....