Sunday, 30 January 2011

Monalisa on my way

It was Thursday morning, when on my way to work, I was delighted to see a Mona Lisa grafitti on a concrete road divider.
In an age when art has become too alienated from the common man, I feel grafitti is our saving grace. When I say alienated I only mean it in terms of the common man and his exposure to contemporary art. I am sure someone who can wine and dine at the finest gourmet restaurants is abreast with the latest artists, maybe they even have a coffee table book or two. But what about the man on the streets ? His only encounters with art are the t-shirts,billlboards and other forms of  pop art. Grafitti in that context is in my belief one of the most relevant art forms. An artform that dares to rebel against the institution that modern gallery-driven art has become [ it is quite a generalisation, in my part, pardon to those few artists who still manage to be iconoclasts in this institution]. Graffiti in that sense is the true democratic art form - an art form of the people, by the people and for the people.

So no wonder a Mona Lisa on a road divider makes me smile.

P.S. Those who want to catch a glimpse of it, look for a an electrical meter box on your left on Panchseel Marg, New Delhi if you're heading towards IIT.


  1. I've sheen better... the original Mona Lisha hanging in my living room.

  2. well, grafiti is good or bad depending on where it is....i dont thing its a grt thing if its on the lodhi garden tombs, the humayun tomb or the old fort....
    but the plc where you found it...well, it should be good, if its done well

  3. true...but i believe that is the difference between graffiti as an art form and graffiti as a form of hooliganism.

    a graffiti artist is usually sensitive in his choice of canvas. Most artists take a lot of time and effort to prepare meticulous stencils, and are very different from the average hooligan with or without a spray can who want to write their names on monuments.

    However like most underground artistic movements the line is very thin..

  4. Flattered!