Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pencil Jammin'

It's been three weeks since a friend of mine sounded a call for all sketch-doodle-art lovers to assemble at a park in the city with a single agenda: to sit and sketch amidst nature [or whatever fragments of nature you can find in a city]. I heeded his call, so did many others.

It happens every Sunday. So come by if you love to draw. May the pencil be with you...


  1. penshils are for idiotsh. i've sheen better.

    shay hello to prinshe.

  2. which park??? u forgot to mention for those interested...

  3. @ rozhie
    i've sheen better replyshe :)

    @shooting star
    my bad. it was at Garden of Five Senses today.
    Next week's venue would be up on the facebook group page. Join it for updates.

  4. see, i missed it despite being there..was in garden of five senses today (sunday) to practice my landscape photography skills..
    anyways...anyways..i cant sketch to save my life!!!! no use being there!!..

  5. do pencils jam with didjeridoos i was wondering . . . what's the plan this sunday?

  6. @tj
    of fact last week we did a duet with the Delhi Drum Circle.

    this sunday, it'll be at Kunzum, drop by if you wish. I won't be able to attend this sunday, but call me and lets plan something, yeah?

  7. oops . . must have just missed it again . . yeah sounds fun . . some other time then . . :)

  8. Sounds like something Adi would love than me (I am terrible at any form of drawing) and where does it happen?