Monday, 25 July 2011

Thou shalt not tempt me, evil bird of Twitter !

A lot of my friends have asked, expressed concern on my mental well-being, been infuriated and went through an entire gamut of other emotions ( perhaps including secret homicidal tendencies as well ) on my flat refusal to join Twitter.
Not only have the devious arms of the twitting bird tried to capture me through its human subjects, but recently it had even tried to seduce me with promises of improved klout score and more relevant and the likes.
Hah ! And a double Hah to you evil bird, for my resolve has prevailed and will ( unless of course it's machiavellian plan involves offers-i-simply-can't-refuse like a date with Kang Min Kyung ).

Now for the reason..



Well, to put it simply, twitter is too instant for me. It lacks the depth of emotions you undergo while creating. The reverberations of a post, or a note, or any other such medium that demands fore thought is difficult to match with a letter-challenged "status".

I miss fellow bloggers who would put up nice thoughtful posts, posts that were straight from their heart, posts that made you question, posts that made you contemplate, or even put a smile on your face..most importantly posts that did not have to count the letters or words to express themselves. A lot of them, who have fallen prey to the evil bird, are now reduced to banal updates, rehashing of what other people said, pimping links and telling where they are right now-every-five-minutes. Don't get me wrong. you lot, I am not berating you, only saying that I miss the thought that used to be put into each post. It's not you, it's the medium.

Maybe you did all those things earlier too, in which case, congratulations on having the perfect medium. Others like me, probably did a bit of both; some link pimping, some updates, but mixed with some, even if a few, genuine posts. For them, their choice of medium has sounded their death bell.

Instant things are nice, like fast food, they save the day in times of need ( Hallelujah for Maggi ), but they lack that certain authenticity of being which a premeditated thing has (which is why you still go out to the fancy-ass restaurant and try their slow-cooked noodle).

As for all of you who would espouse "change" or "keep up with the times" as a reason to shift allegiance, I ask one simple question :
"Being the archetypal harbinger of change that you are, how come your playlist still hovers mostly on the 1960s ?"

Saturday, 23 July 2011

ai no shi

Have you ever felt that all the love you ever had in your heart,
has been spent with no leftovers?

art credit : kate elizabeth, 2005

Boxes and labels

Always sticking out, always spilling over...the more you try to box me, the more you try to label me, I just don't fit in.
That's how it has always cannot fit a nomad with the socio-cultural archetype of a settler.

That's why I'll always be the anglo amongst bongs, the oriental amongst indians, the quasi-tribal amongst tribals..