Saturday, 23 July 2011

Boxes and labels

Always sticking out, always spilling over...the more you try to box me, the more you try to label me, I just don't fit in.
That's how it has always cannot fit a nomad with the socio-cultural archetype of a settler.

That's why I'll always be the anglo amongst bongs, the oriental amongst indians, the quasi-tribal amongst tribals..


  1. i guess nobody's trying to fit you's just you trying to unfit from everything and every one....and which is just fine with long as you are happy with it....frankly in the long run, we all live with ourselves and not with any "type"......

  2. i wasn't exactly looking for a solution is an ongoing search and it would be unwise of me to believe that it could be resolved so easily..
    after all life IS about seeking such answers..isn't it?

    thanks for dropping by, by the way, and being one of my most consistent readers :)

  3. bt I guess its all in the mind...its never been about someone fitting you into someone’s shoes…this is the reality of life, whether we like it or not...this is our ROOTS we are known by our LABELS...we are social beings...our happiness even arises in the context of our relationships with others (don’t u think so??)...its just that when reality tackles our notion of what reality should be...we’ve trouble ACCEPTING reality...but but again this is all what I believe...& i also strongly feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another HAPPY aneway *-*

  4. ah ROOTS....and what of the rootless nomads ?

    as for happiness, i find it everytime i'm in my beloved hills...the city makes me angsty :)

  5. aha!!rootless nomads??nomads are actually where your traditional form of society watever.....
    & happiness (dats d quotes frm Dalai lama..)& its d truth...imagine life without friends &! shoooooo u.....