Monday, 19 September 2011

Our beloved Teacher..

It was Teachers' Day a few weeks ago. As I thought about all my teachers over the years, people who to a great extent are responsible for shaping me, one particular teacher haunted me the most. Mr. Troy Ward.

I had just moved to a new city and joined a new school in the middle of the term in the second grade. My class teacher was Mr. Troy Ward, or Troy Sir, as we used to call him. I had been literally thrown into the deep end of the pool, not only was I in a new school in the middle of a term,but more importantly I found one subject in particular was way advanced in this school than my previous school. It was Bengali.

While in my last school I had been in an elementary level in Bengali under the aegis of an Irish convent, where all other languages except English were punishable by caning, here I was supposed to be fairly proficient at the language. Needless to say, I flunked my first class test.
This did not go unnoticed in the eyes of Troy Sir. He made sure that the other students in the class would help me to catch up. One of the first students who came up to help me, is a good friend still now. We are still in touch and even met up at Seoul of all unlikely places. Another girl who came up to help, promptly became my first crush in the new school. Soon Troy Sir would become someone I really looked up to.
(If you have seen Naruto, perhaps you'd understand when I say, he was my Iruka sensei).

But the thing about Troy Sir was that, my case was not an exception. He would for each and every student of his, go out of the way. Such was his care and attention to all of us, that we, the entire class, loved him. In fact, at the end of the year, when we got promoted to third grade, the entire class rebelled ! The prospect of a new class teacher was not acceptable to us ! We would not budge, and doing what second graders do best, the entire class started crying. Finally our Principal yielded to our tears and so along with us, Troy Sir was also shifted to the third grade. This pattern continued and he was our class teacher till fifth grade ! A phenomenon unheard ever again in the history of the school.

In our fifth grade, however, Troy Sir himself asked us to bid him farewell.We were going to be shifted to the senior batch now, which meant our school timings would be changing from morning school to afternoon school. So after having him as our class teacher for 3 years, we agreed to bid him farewell with a heavy heart.

On this day meant for teachers, I had remembered him, the teacher all of us loved so dearly...

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