Friday, 23 December 2011

Now also on Tumblr

Started a Tumblr site for sharing my have a peek..

Drawn and Quartered

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Division Bell

It is not new, not anymore, this phenomenon of once thick-as-thieves friends suddenly drifting apart.

Yet it stills pains me...and more so when the reasons are shrouded in mystery.

And to all of you I wish good luck..

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pencil Jam revival

Past couple of months my visit to the Pencil Jam sessions had waned to a point where I'd almost stopped going. It is easy to put the blame on 'other' issues, like my current (non)work situation, or the general laziness of a Sunday morn, or whatever.However, to be perfectly honest, the primary reason for this was me or more specifically my discomfort with any form of stagnation.

Before I stopped skipping jams, altogether, there have been couple of jams where I'd gone but wondered why I am going. Before any one jumps to any conclusion, let me clear it out upfront, that this had nothing to do with the jam, but entirely to do with myself. I felt that I'm getting stuck in a particular visual style..tried a few variations with results that weren't completely satisfying for in something was still missing. It seemed I'm going to jam after jam and churning out the same kind of sketches with some variations here and there.

This obviously, did not sit too well with me.

However, today morning inspiration struck me and I was back with the pencil jammers. I've started a new sketch series based on a new concept which will run for 26 sketches. I've already completed 3 sketches at today's jam session !
I'll be sharing them through my facebook as they evolve and when all are finished, put them up here.

So keep watching..