Monday, 20 June 2011

The Unique Herd

Unique is the new herd. Everyone is trying so hard to be different that they all fall for the same clich├ęs, all succumb to the stereotypes.

Everyone is a rock star, not unusual hence that all singers, regardless of their music being blues or sufi or gospel are cheered with the mano cornuto by fans in music events.
Every person is trying so hard to be a rebel, that rebellion is almost mainstream now. The very act of being a conformist to the system is now an act of rebellion.

As you see, ever since Che adorned T-shirts, the world has changed. Ironic how an icon of communism became the most celebrated capitalist "picture" for mass consumption.

Even designers, who pride themselves in being individuals free from the herd, can be seen idolising a particular consumer electronic brand [you know the one I am talking about], or a certain small pocket-able notebook or even certain brands of stationery. Well, nothing wrong in that, that is, if we agree that there's no blind faith involved, nor peer factor.  So then Mr. Individual, kindly join the Fanboys Anonymous.

In my belief, the greatest triumph of the system is how it assimilates every wave that threatens it into a neat little package for public consumption.

So go on, be different, the crowd is waiting...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Backpage Dreams

It is unsettling if people from the past keep popping up in dreams two nights in a row, and considering that I don't dream often, even more so..

I don't know if it has any cosmic-metaphorical-freudian relevance or not, but it makes way for a strange morning..

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Questions, questions

Far too many things going on in my mind.
The failure and the compromise have made me hungry for even more, and my restless streak would not allow me to slowly fall back into being content. The 'wise' would term this self-destructive, but some things are just a part of you, like a building block of who you are.

How can you stop a phoenix from going into the fire, time and again, throughout eternity?

As the pieces supposedly fall, I wonder what I'm doing here in these arid plains away from my lovely hills?

I really need a reason to hang around, these boots are itching once again...